Right now I am…

  1. Completing my undergraduate in graphic design.
  2. Developing my photography.

Current projects at work

  1. Migrating Oxford Brookes Business School website to a CMS.
  2. Creating responsive email templates on MailChimp for internal communications.
  3. Managing microsites maintained by content editors.

Focus of the month

  1. Develop my portfolio.
  2. Develop and photography business website.
  3. Market myself.
  4. Get back to the gym.

Focus of the year

  1. I’d love to start collaborating with other designers.
  2. Be more profitable with my skills
  3. Continue to see where I am being led in terms of my faith.
  4. Learn to drive.
  5. Get a home for my family.
  6. Blog / think.

Current struggles

  1. Finding people to collaborate with.
  2. JavaScript – just can’t get my head around things – can you help?

Books I am reading

Projects I want to do

  1. Raspberry Pi – photo booth.
  2. Raspberry Pi – web server.
  3. Ideas for apps – develop prototypes and ideally web-progressive app versions.

Last edited 12 March2017

The idea for this page was proudly stolen from Derek Sivers. You can find this and other /now pages listed at