A rant

The other day a client came to me with a problem. When users came to the site looking for specific information, they were greeted with a line saying that this page will be updated as and when information is provided. To find out information for the subject they wanted, they came to a accordion with a clear title but the content was empty. This then left the user confused and seeking answers as it looked like a mistake compared to the other accordions full of information. I had a solution, but it wasn’t on my site but it was associated with the area of work I am in. After a long trail of who deals with the area, I presented the problem and solution and a suggestion

The answer I got back, “this is the way we have always done it”. I was shocked. They said they were happy to receive lost users on the phone or the email and to simply tell them that the information was not yet available and to keep looking at the site in hope to get the information they needed.

Now my pride hasn’t been hurt. It’s ok if people don’t take my advice, although that’s my job. My concern is mainly the user who is not considered in this process. I am not gloating but my solution provided a better option for the user, a better experience and better journey and also to solve the particular team getting hassled constantly which they are happy to carry on with because it’s what they have always done.

For the sake of the user, don’t do what you always have done!

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