Design processes

I am not as spontaneous as most designers.  I am a guy who likes limits and is always on time and I suppose some sort of process / procedure type of guy. I am dyslexic and it mainly affects my memory and thinking and so I do need some sort of process to help me remember and gather information, whether it’s a simple conversation or something to do with work, I need some sort of logical checklist that allows me to process information.

But when it comes to design I have never really used a design process.  I learnt the double diamond process while in secondary school, and that has always struck with me, but never really wrote down the process I used.  One of the reasons I decided to complete my degree is that I felt I was missing something in my design method.  One of those things is actually using a method.

I once went to a talk by Brendan Dawes and he shaired his design process.

I was so relieved when I saw this!  Brendan is an amazing artist and designer, and to have a similar design process is encouraging that, I am not doing so bad!

When it came to doing my undergraduate, everything seems quite formal.  It is all process driven, and activity based and  I understand that as the main objective is to prove that I know things, and to explain the way I think.  I soon began to look at different methods and came across ‘How do you design? A compendium of models‘ by Hugh Dubberly.  It is a bit dry but it covers a wide range of design methods used in design which includes, architecture, engineering and other industries.

I realised that I lacked a method.  I found my creativity dry, and not really progressing and struggled to get out of a rut.  Yes I went out for walks, took a break from the computer and played with my daughter, but I was still stifled.

I found that taking on a design method helped my creativity.  I really loathed following a ‘process’ for design but I looked at my design method in a different light.  I didn’t have to follow line by line but I used is as an outlet for thinking.  I don’t know everything, I tend to think in a certain way and I needed something to get my thinking out of the way.  I began to use a design process as a way of exploring different ways of thinking about certain topics.

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