This isn’t really an exciting blog, but I think 2016 has been my most productive year in terms of being organised with work.  I got myself quite disciplined to plan my days, and months.  Some with a theme for learning, some with a theme for discovering or trying a new skill and I have really felt good about it.  I looked at the ‘Bullet point journal‘ a little while ago.  Although it looked great, in practice I personally found it to be a little complicated so I just took what I would actually use out of it and it has help me so much.  Just the process of writing out my tasks, deadlines and notes has helped me do better.  I might not try anything new about it, as it works fine but I think I should try and get the most out of it.

One of the surprising things I got out of it was how I moved away from digital methods.  I actually use both but use the notebook as my go to / main area.  It helps me keep focused and not easily get distracted with other apps on my phone or web browser.

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