So I have been thinking more about the subjects, topics I would like to address in my essay.

I have been re reading The Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan, Ways of Seeing by John Berger. I have also bean reading the work of Eileen MacAvery Kane, her thesis and guide of ethics in graphic design. (

From my final major project of promoting space tourism for a company called ‘Frontiers’, there arises other concepts and issues from this subject.

Some ideas:

Designing for consumerism, or designing for a change
What are the issues surrounding this.
Is the quality of design used in consumerism at a higher standard, than design for change?
Is there a better result?

Frontiers as a topic – What advancements are happening now, what challenges are they meeting and what challenges were there in frontiers of the past. With a the fast paced technology, how are new frontiers being dealt with or approached?

How should designers, produce for an abstract concept or abstract experience?

When designing for an abstract idea, should the form also be abstract or should it be real form / interpreted.

Experience design – are we designing the form? ie, a VR, sound, an emotional experience. With the idea of customer first, user experience is our experience more important than the message.
Are we to design an experience that is to manifest later on? For example, is the dialogue or reaction to an experience, the intended experience the client / designer wanted rather than the initial experience?

Can an experience be experienced before it has been experienced? – Does a designer have control over this?

How much experiential design is too much? Where should it be stopped?

I am leaning towards looking at the idea of Experience Design – what does it involve, what are the aims, as well as looking at Frontiers as a topic – the way advancements are met but I think with this, I will find it difficult to research current concepts as they are so fast paced, undocumented and difficult to get primary resources.

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