Month: March 2016

Ontological Design

22nd March 2016

I recently came along this thought of ontological design while looking at some theology issues. It’s the idea that what we design, ends up designing us. The video explains it better by giving the example of the mobile phones. How we have designed the mobile phone, and as a result, the mobile phone has changed […]

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Graphic means

7th March 2016

I have seen similar documentaries but never get old of them.  I like to know how things were done.  When I started studying things were right on the edge although computers were much more common. Look forward to it coming out!

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Co-op’s re-brand

2nd March 2016

I think the Co-ops move to go a bit retro is a great idea. I remember the BBC changing their logo to be similar to their older logo. Seeing the new co-op logo makes me a little sentimental as it reminds me of where I used to live when I was growing up – I […]

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Still learning

1st March 2016

I started my undergraduate degree ten years ago with the North Wales School of Art and Design, and finally finishing it with the Interactive Design Institute! As part of one of the final projects, we are to use a blog to help generate out thoughts for an essay that is an “in-depth and critical enquiry into […]

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